After having my second child I thought that I had breastfeeding under control, but I quickly learned that all babies are different. Bethany listened to my frustrations, was very caring and knowledgeable with breastfeeding. She provided me with the confidence and patience to continue breastfeeding and he is still breastfeeding at 6 months!  -D.U., Lancaster, PA

Thank you for all your breastfeeding support as I nursed my second daughter. I felt overwhelmed and sore even though it was my second time breastfeeding! It definitely helped to have your expertise and calm support through my breastfeeding challenge.  -L.B., Lancaster, PA

Thank you so much for all your care and helpful advice while we were just starting out with our brand new baby! She is doing so great! Thanks to you breastfeeding is a snap!  -M.S., New Holland, PA

Breastfeeding for the first time went well at the hospital but became difficult at home once my milk came in. I had over-active milk let-down and my son had reflux. Bethany helped me with latching techniques and made a pumping schedule for me when my baby would not nurse. She was a great support and encouragement. Bethany helped ease my stress and worries about breastfeeding. -D.S., Lancaster, PA

After the birth of my third baby I began to struggle with some postpartum depression. Anxiety made it very difficult to nurse my baby. During this time, Bethany was a wonderful encouragement and support. After talking to her I always felt much better and was able to relax enough to nurse. Thankfully, my milk supply was not affected. Fourteen months later, I am still nursing and and so very thankful for Bethany and the role she played in making this possible.  -S.M., Columbia, PA